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RKD Headwear

RKD Headwear proudly boasts the most advanced level of quality custom headwear on the market. We give you a blank canvas with no boundaries. The most comfortable shapes, are fully customizable, we utilise the highest quality fabrics, tightest embroideries, cleanest screen prints, brilliant sublimations and the sharpest embellishments.

We are perfectionists that pay attention to the finite details that our competitors are renowned for missing or not caring about. It is these small details that enable us to provide you with a product that is superior to any other in the industry.

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There is only one earth, and we need to protect this for future generations. We all need to do our part if we are to make a difference, RKD headwear offers a large range of sustainable and ethically sourced fabrics, threads and embellishments including Hemp, organic cotton, recycled polyester and recycled nylon. We have also made the switch from traditional individual PE polybags to 25-piece recycled LDPE polybags, recycled card hangtags and woven labels that use recycled polyester thread to help reduce plastic waste. Why not start making change by switching to more sustainable materials.

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