Custom Headwear Mexico

Your go to custom headwear provider in Mexico

RKD Headwear leads the way as the foremost manufacturer of custom headwear in Mexico. Explore our versatile range of styles, from classic 7-panel caps to specialty straw hats and camp designs. Infuse uniqueness into your brand with our customization options—embroidery, printing, patches, metal detailing, and beyond. At RKD, our commitment to seamless customer service ensures a headwear experience that transcends expectations, from inception to delivery.

Bringing ideas to reality since 2011

RKD proudly boasts the most advanced level of quality headwear on the market. We give you a blank canvas with no boundaries. The most comfortable shapes, are fully customizable, we utilise the highest quality fabrics, tightest embroideries, cleanest screen prints, brilliant sublimations and the sharpest embellishments. We are perfectionists that pay attention to the finite details that our competitors are renowned for missing or not caring about. It is these small details that enable us to provide you with a product that is superior to any other in the industry. Put our caps next to any one of our competitors and it is easy to see the difference in shape, fit and quality.

RKD is not just about manufacturing supreme quality product, it’s about the overall experience. Our customer intimacy and collaboration model is designed to create complete transparency, a seamless service from start to finish. Our team makes offshore manufacture effortless by continually overseeing all facets of the design, development, manufacture and delivery process ensuring things run as smoothly as possible.

Types of headwear we create

5 Panel Hats

  • 5 Panel hats with versatile designs from snapback to trucker, unstructured to stretch, flat or curved brims, ensuring adaptability and style.
  • Standout hats with limitless customisation, crafted from finest materials, precision, redefining industry standards for superior branding choice.

6 Panel Hats

  • Custom 6 panel hats are the epitome of style and comfort, renowned for finest fits and shapes, commitment to excellence.
  • From Snapback to trucker, unstructured to stretch, flat or curved brims, showcasing superior craftsmanship, limitless customization, premium quality fabrics, precise embroideries, and meticulous screen prints for elevated headwear sophistication.

7 Panel Hats

  • Unleash unparalleled style with custom 7 panel hats, redefining sophistication and offering a canvas for your brand’s unique identity.
  • From Snapback to trucker, unstructured to stretch, flat or curved brims, these hats feature the highest quality fabrics, tightest embroideries, and brilliant sublimations, standing as an emblem of superior craftsmanship and individuality.


  • Bespoke style with unique panel shapes, serving as an imaginative canvas for artistic flair, allowing vibrant self-expression or a clean, subtle look.
  • Elevate your style effortlessly with RKD Camp Hats, setting a new benchmark in headwear finesse, resonating with quality and distinctiveness for bold self-expression or understated elegance.


  • Embrace warmth and style with the perfect fusion of comfort and personalisation. Crafted using the finest materials, achieving clean prints, meticulously designed for fit, comfort, and quality.
  • Limitless customisation options ensure each Beanie becomes a staple accessory, providing both comfort and a touch of personal flair in colder seasons.


  • Elevate your streetwear and lifestyle with RKD Headwear’s iconic Bucket Hats, epitomising streetwise fashion with classic designs, reversible options, and rugged boonies.
  • Embrace the urban vibe and stay ahead of fashion trends with RKD’s diverse Bucket Hat range, a must-have for those appreciating the fusion of style and street culture in the resurgence of this timeless and iconic fashion statement.


  • Embrace summer with wide-brim elegance, blending sun protection and fashion in diverse weaves for a natural touch.
  • Adorn your Straw Hats with under-visor sublimations and brim binding, adding personality and flair to sunny days.


  • Explore innovation and style in our collection, featuring stitchless and seamless designs that set new comfort and design standards. From visors to fedoras, our diverse range showcases craftsmanship and eccentric flair, pushing boundaries in headwear fashion.
  • Experience the future with RKD Headwear, where technology and fashion converge seamlessly in our Specialty Hat collection. Redefine possibilities with our range of visors, fedoras, and paperboys, each crafted with pride, offering headwear beyond the ordinary.