Hat analysis


5 panel

Is one single piece of fabric that is folded and stitched at the top, the front seam stops about 7.5cm from the top button making a large front panel area which is great for large logos or smaller intricate prints or embroideries as there is no seam to interfere with your logo.

6 panel

Is two pieces of fabric that are stitched together forming a seam that runs from the top button down the center of the panel to the visor essentially making two front panels, this is the most common silhouette we produce.

7 panel

The front section of the crown is divided into three panels, two triangles on the very top and a larger rectangle style shape on the front, great for every style of decoration we offer.


Camp hats are a smaller silhouette that fit closer to the head normally they are unstructured and use a small patch or small embroidery for decoration.


Flat brim

A completely flat brim that is best suited to deep fitting high crown styles.

Curved brim

The classic full curve best suited to shallow fitting low crown styles.

Semi curved brim

Just a slight curve that works well for all fits and styles.

Circular brims

Circular brims have a more rounded and wide shape generally used on Deep fitting hat styles.

Square brims

Square brims are more streamlined a little shorter and not as wide making these great for mid or shallow fitting styles.

Sandwich brim

Is when a different color fabric is used in between the top visor and the under visor material.

Flip visor

Is when the top visor section of the hat is sewn so the seam is on top of the visor rather than the on the bottom making it seem like the visor is attached upside down.

Crown shape

High crown

Has a taller and more squared front panel that sits further off the head.

Low crown

Has a more gradual curve on the front panel which sits closer to the head.


Single buckram

Offered in curve and flat brim, buckram is a fabric that when heated to high temperatures it fuses to the back of the fabric of the front panels and gives your hat its shape.

Double buckram

Offered in flat brims only this is a double layer of buckram that when heated to high temperatures it fuses to the back of the fabric of the front panels and gives your hat its shape makes the front panel extremely stiff.

Soft buckram

Is a thin layer of buckram that is softer than single buckram but a little stiffer than gluing mesh.


Front panels can be made from a thick foam which makes the hat soft but still have some structure.

Stay front net

Is a mesh net that is sewn in behind the front panels to help hold the front panel up.

Gluing mesh

Is a thin layer of fabric like buckram that is fused to the back of the panels to only give a very light structure.


This is just the fabric of the front panels which gives a relaxed look.


Plastic snapback

The most common and adjustable closure we have.

Clip back

Uses nylon webbing and a plastic clip that is adjustable mostly found on camp caps.

Strap with metal clasp

Uses leather or self-fabric strap with a metal clasp with teeth to calm down on the strap to hold it to the desired size.

Strap with buckle

Uses leather or self-fabric strap and a metal buckle like a belt to adjust the size.

Strap with metal slider

Uses self-fabric strap with a metal slider to adjust the size.

Velcro with D-ring

Uses a hook and loop system sewn to fabric with an elasticated D ring to adjust the size.